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NYSHIP Substance Abuse Coverage

When you have a drug or alcohol addiction, getting help is the most important thing you can do. The good news is that there are many options available to people with insurance coverage.

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We all know the role that rehab plays in addiction recovery. But not everyone realizes that addiction doesn’t just disappear once treatment ends. The fact is, addiction is a disease, a disease that affects an entire family and lasts a lifetime.

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NYSHIP Drug & Alcohol Rehab Coverage Options

Insurance companies may cover different types of treatment options like detox, inpatient addiction treatment, outpatient addiction treatment, or drug rehab treatment.

What is NYSHIP?

NYSHIP is a health insurance plan for public employees that covers some of the cost of treatment for substance abuse.

It’s available to people who are enrolled in the New York State Public Employees Retirement System (PERS).

The drug rehab coverage that NYSHIP provides is limited, and there are certain restrictions on who can receive it, so make sure you understand what your benefits are before you start treatment with us.

What levels of care does NYSHIP cover?

NYSHIP covers a variety of drug addiction treatment options, including detox and residential programs. Here’s a breakdown:

In-network facilities

In-network facilities are locations that have contracted with NYSHIP to provide their services at the discounted rates offered by your plan. This means that you’ll get the same coverage whether you visit an in-network or out-of-network facility.

Inpatient, partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient programs

If you decide to enter one of these types of programs, NYSHIP will cover some of your care as long as it’s within network and doesn’t exceed the program length limits set by them (90 days for residential treatment). The exact amount they’ll cover varies depending on your specific plan.

Does NYSHIP cover drug detox?

NYSHIP covers drug detoxification services. NYSHIP covers alcohol, opioids, cocaine and amphetamines detoxification services for members who are assigned to a residential treatment facility (RTF) for mental health conditions. In addition to RTFs, the program also provides coverage for other facilities where you can receive an intensive substance abuse program.

How long will NYSHIP cover drug rehab?

NYSHIP will cover drug rehab for up to 30 days. If your doctor prescribes you a longer treatment period, NYSHIP will provide additional coverage for the remainder of that time period.

NYSHIP also provides coverage for outpatient and inpatient detox programs, which can last up to 30 days as well.

What are the benefits of an in-network NYSHIP drug rehab center?

In-network NYSHIP drug rehab centers will appear on the list of approved facilities. An in-network facility is a treatment center that has contracted with insurance companies to provide services at a discounted rate. Your insurer may require you to go to an in-network facility, or they may give you the choice of going to an out-of-network facility if it’s closer to home or less expensive than an option within their network.

In addition, NYSHIP can pay for certain types of treatment that are not covered by other insurance plans. For example:

Drug detoxification and residential treatment (30 days at a time) Outpatient therapy (up to 20 sessions per year)

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NYSHIP is an insurance plan that covers some of the cost of treatment for substance abuse.

NYSHIP is a state-run health insurance program that provides coverage for substance abuse treatment. NYSHIP covers drug detox, but not every person with an opioid addiction will be eligible for this benefit. If you are eligible, you’ll need to choose an inpatient facility where you can detox safely.

NYSHIP also covers outpatient services, including individual and group therapy, medication management and recovery coaching. However, the amount of coverage varies by plan type and the level at which it was purchased.

California Wellness is a Drug Rehab That Accepts NYSHIP Insurance

We are a licensed and accredited substance abuse treatment center, located in Los Angeles, California. Our Orange County drug and alcohol rehab center is dedicated to helping people overcome addiction and achieve long-term sobriety.

We offer both residential and outpatient treatment options for individuals who have been struggling with substance abuse problems. Our staff members are highly trained and experienced in all aspects of the recovery process. They will work closely with you to develop an individualized treatment plan that meets your unique needs and goals for sobriety.

Our goal is to help each person overcome their addiction so that they can regain control over their lives. We provide individualized counseling services as well as group therapy sessions that address various issues related to addiction recovery, including:

Stress management techniques. Communication skills development. Relapse prevention training.

California Wellness offers the best in treatment for alcohol and drug addiction, including comprehensive residential and outpatient programs. We offer individualized treatment plans to meet your specific needs and goals. We understand that recovery from addiction is different for each person, which is why we provide individualized treatment based on an assessment of your needs as an individual.

We believe that our success lies in our ability to create a safe and supportive environment where you can heal both physically and mentally by finding inner strength, gaining new insights into your own behavior, and learning healthy ways to cope with life’s challenges. Our caring staff members are committed to helping you achieve long-term sobriety so you can live your life without drugs or alcohol.



We help anyone who contacts us seeking treatment in finding the program that best fits YOUR individual needs – whether that’s one of our programs or not.

We believe that recovery is always possible. Contact our caring admissions team day or night to learn more about how you can get the help you need, no matter what your situation is.